faculty of pharmacy-medical universiy of sofia


supplementary september Examination Session




The Electronic Registration for exams ends on 26.08.2020, wednesday at noon time!


lists of students enrolled for the respective date and discipline, only by faculty. №  will be published, successively, from 28.08, Friday




Е- Registration for:


Higher matematics

Clinical chemistry Biopharmacy and pharmacokinetics

Analytical chemistry

Pharmaceutical chemistry


History of Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical analysis Pharmacotherapy
General and inorganic chemistry Medical devices Hygiene and ecology
Latin language Pharmacology Pharmacoeconomics
Information technologies Social pharmacy and pharmaceutical legislation Pharmacognosy part I
Organic chemistry Pharmaceutical technology part I Pharmacognosy part II

Physical chemistry with colloidal chemistry

Pharmaceutical technology part II Toxicology
  Pharmaceutical botany  



Dear students,


Please enter  into table your faC. № only (Do not enter first name, last name or other personal data!)


Please do not register twice or more for a particular exam, as this will take the enrollment places of other students.


Such behavior, as well as attempts to cancel/erase  registration of the other already registered students, when the vacancies  for the respective exam are exhausted,  will be carefully monitored and the respective perpetrators will be administratively sanctioned and publicly reprimanded!



IN order to limit bad practices when registering for the Exam, we strongly recommend  you to preliminary  Sign in/create a free profile on the site




to prevent the potential for someone to expunge/ delete your registration for your chosen exam date