Faculty of Pharmacy- Medical University of Sofia



Important! Deadline: 13.01.2021 (Wednesday), 2 PM


The students from 5th year already finalized their internship (180 days in pharmacy)

 have to submitted/provided  to Faculty of Pharmacy (Deans’ office)

  by courier/ or in person several documents as it follows:


1.  1. Student`s  book (grade book)

2. Internship Diary signed and stamped as a proof for finalized internship

3.The  Rest of  monthly issued notes (not yet presented to Prof. Manova) as a proof for finalization of the internship

4. The prepared  written materials for passing the respective colloquiums (Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis, Social pharmacy and pharmaceutical legislation, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical technology and biopharmacy)

 5.Please contact assoc. prof. M.Kamusheva (mkamusheva@pharmfac.mu-sofia.bg) in order to get acquainted concerning organization and conducting of colloquium in Social pharmacy